Why you’ll be more
successful with Swifty:

One of the top three reasons startups fail is choosing the wrong team... We’ve got nearly two decades of experience building startups that make a healthy return on investment. (One was even acquired by Microsoft!)

Start with a Free SwiftCall

Having Swifty on your team removes the risks of “can we make it awesome?”, “can we build it?”, “can we launch it?”, “can we maintain it?” and “are we a long-term solution?” - The anwer is YES!

To kick things off, we start with a free SwiftCall, where we will answer all your questions and tell you how we can do what you envision. We’ll also challenge and inspire you as we explore the viability of your idea, market need, marketing and monetization strategies, and how to fully realize your startup’s potential.

How the Free SwiftCall works:

  • Start by scheduling a short introductory call to answer any questions and to make sure we're a fit.
  • We'll email you a mutual NDA to sign and return, so you know your idea is safe.
  • Schedule a call when all your key stake holders and decision makers are available to meet with a senior Swifty Startup consultant.
  • Prepare for the call: Get all your questions for us ready. Consider what makes your product stand out in the market, how you’re going to access the market, and how you’re going to make money.
  • Show up for the call. Book one to two hours. We’re going to dive deep!
JARED VISHNEY Founder Arctrieval

“Since February 2010, Swifty has proven to be an excellent long-term partner and integral part of our ongoing development strategy. Their team created excellent and well documented code to power our web-based solution. They are reliable, flexible and have completed every project in a timely manner.”

JARED VISHNEY Founder Arctrieval

The SwiftPlan Program

Before you build and launch a startup, you need a solid strategy. The SwiftPlan Program is a short engagement that applies a precise process to turn your vision into a set of operational specifications in about four weeks.

  • You will get advice on features, timelines, marketing, and monetization strategy, to discover what needs to be built or bought to reach your goals.
  • You will get a clear map of how to get your startup off the ground, with organized flowcharts, storyboard backlogs, and development estimates.
  • You will get rough, interactive mockups of the major parts of your project, so you (and we) can test the usability of what you have in mind.
  • You will get trained on our CEO-friendly mission control system, so you can easily monitor progress, help prioritize, and contribute new ideas.
  • You will get recommendations on the team size, technology stack, milestone dates, and required budget to best meet your unique needs.

Already have detailed specs and plans? We can skip some of these steps.

Your Mission Control System

During the planning stage, we’ll set you up to monitor the entire project at a glance online.

Each section to be built is listed across the top in blue and the basic steps required are listed in yellow. Under each step are all the individual tasks to be completed by the developers, organized by priority and by release.

As soon as work starts on a task, the card’s status in mission control is automatically updated. When it is finished, it will be updated with “Done”.

Also, any new ideas and tasks will be added in here and prioritized. You will always know exactly what Swifty is doing and planning for your startup.

Matt Beswick Hidden Pixel,UK

“I’ve been working with Swifty since 2008 and have been consistently impressed by the work that they have delivered. Their attitude is great, they deliver on time, and the quality is superb.”

Matt Beswick Hidden Pixel,UK

Agile SwiftBuilds

Industry averages show that agile projects are about four times more likely to be successfully completed. However, every project and stage of project is different. Our expert Product Managers will choose the best project workflow and tools to best match the changing needs of your startup at every stage.

Teams are Flexible and Scalable to Meet Your Changing Needs

Need one developer or a team? We have clients who have outsourced their entire tech team with Swifty for years - several for over a decade, with over a dozen full-time and additional part-time team members.

We’ll bring in the right experts at the right times. You may only have one or two full-time developers and everyone else will come and go as needed. You get a bigger team for less, only paying for the skills needed at any time.

Over 20% of the startups we work with are rescued from other development companies.

That’s because we have a perfect track record of creating Minimal Viable Products on time and on budget. Once we have a clear definition of what you need, we will assemble a team to match your budget and create a development schedule to get your startup earning money as quickly as possible.

With startups, we typically use an agile approach to manage and reduce your risk and get you results faster. You’ll get a new release every two weeks, with tasks ordered based on business value and effort. This approach is also very accommodating of new ideas and features.

MARTIN BERG 99coaches, Germany

“It’s been a great opportunity developing together with Swifty our app. We build based on really good communication, trustworthy environment and speed up the process of building the app… The Agile approach of Swifty is meeting our needs to scale the product in just best possible way and I think we are looking forward to really bright future together.”

MARTIN BERG 99coaches, Germany

The SwiftIncome Advantage

Software is a very competitive market. Dozens of SaaS products and over 1,400 new mobile apps released daily. It’s pointless to build software without a plan to get customers. Ideally, you’ll be building a waiting audience, while we build the software.

Fortunately, we know every trick in the book and every expert in the field, so we can help you build buzz and get clients.

  • Strategy

    We’ll help you decide on the best methods for getting your audience aware of and buying your product.

  • Competitive Analysis

    Our comprehensive dive into your competitors’ SEO, advestising, and positioning will reveal how to compete.

  • Execution

    We’ve searched for and vetted affordable experts for every step of the marketing cycle you could require.

  • Analytics

    It’s vital to track your marketing and usage of your product. We’ll get you setup on startup-friendly products.

CHARLES SAKKAL Websters Laundry, USA

“The way it's structured is perfect. There’s a production manager who’s in constant contact with you and constantly gives you updates. Very professional, efficient and cost effective. They get the job done quick and correctly. They took my system that was extremely disorganized and made sense of the whole thing. I was so distressed i was looking to redo my entire system. These guys saved me a lot of money and time...”

CHARLES SAKKAL Websters Laundry, USA

Sleep Soundly with SwiftSupport

We don’t just launch your rocket and set you adrift in space. Our large dev-ops, security-ops, and server admin teams have 19 years experience getting servers setup correctly, automating depoyment, testing software, and monitoring servers 24x7 to swiftly handle emergencies and help you scale.

  • 24x7 Admin

    There is no problem that we have not met and mastered. We’ll monitor and protect your site like it is our own.

  • Proactive Scaling

    We’ll learn your business and proactively scale things so you’re prepared for busy days like Black Friday.

  • Tech Support

    Offload all your technical tech support to us. We will monitor your helpdesk and respond quickly to issues.

  • Security Services

    Our dev-ops and security team will penetration test your code and servers to protect your data and reputation.

Want Your Startup To Be Developed Swifty and Smoothly?

Kick things off with a free SwiftCall Startup Analysis, where we will answer all your questions and tell you if we can do what you envision.

We’ll also challenge and inspire you as we explore your startup’s potential, the viability of your idea, market demand, and marketing and monetization strategies.

Schedule a SwiftCall Startup Analysis Or call 844-35-Swift (844-357-9438)